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this is actually sick

Its working for me.

owner pls fix this game.. it wont load

and also if you pause the game (TAB key) and use the arrow keys, you can move in place.

The game Is not working and keeps on saying "client timeout"

Is this going to get fixed?

It's been 2+ Hours Since the game stopped working, when is this gonna be resolved

doesnt load


I can't get into the browser version.


sans50 is right tho 


dude this project has so much potential! you gotta add penguin suit in there please!!!!


Is there a way to pick items? I want to make it so that only mega mushrooms show up.

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Please include bah bah.   Thank you.


oh i get it


You should make  Super mario 3D world one or like add more characters

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its fun ngl but peopole kill you for no reason add more charicters

pretty good remake i might try the og version of this mode from the ds game


maybe there could be more characters like Toad, Nabbit or Peach


I’ve been playing this game during class and it is great!

I played this game all the time !!! thanks

Amazing game


I wish dude

no playable toads?

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it keeps saying connecting and nothing happens. any help would be much appreciated


applebax no friends:(



Will there be a mobile version on the website?


idw but this is absloutly amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

black screen :|


this cool good jo


u are saving a lot of chroomebook users rn man good job




This is awesome! Good job!


Add android and iOS support please🥺

There is a unofficial port for Android but it's outdated.
iOS is impossible (Copyright Issues because they would be obligated to use the App Store)

that's who i would email

the creator of the game: ipodtouch0218




because you did..?

Very good

Brings so many memories when me and my brother would download play this and it was so fun


oh omega luigi got banned by rude behavior in the comments, as well as copying comments. :(

Why would you copy this specific reply? I don't get it at all...

how can i download this

i fugured how to download it by clicking the links button in the about section

+ i did extract the files

so what do i do now

go into the folder that you extracted the files to then:

if you have windows, just doubleclick the .exe file

linux = doubleclick the .x86_64 file

but i don't know about mac

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