What is this game?
A standalone 2-10 player remake of the Mario vs Luigi gamemode from New Super Mario Bros DS. Includes the 5 default levels (Grassland, Bricks, Castle, Pipes, and Ice), along with custom levels: Jungle, Sky, and Volcano! All powerups are implemented and fully faithful to their originals, along with the addition of NSMBWii's Propeller Suit / Ice Flower!

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Join the discord to keep up to date with the development of the game, make feature suggestions, report bugs (if you're too lazy to use issues...), get technical support, look for people to play with, and just talk about the game!

I can't connect! It says.. MaxCcuReached?

Please note that the multiplayer servers are hosted via a cloud service, which has a 100-user concurrent limit. If you can't connect with this message: "MaxCcuReached", there may be more than 100 users online. Leave a message on the discord or comment here if this happens!

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags2D, Arcade, Fangame, Multiplayer, Side Scroller, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksSource code, Support

Install instructions

Make sure to extract all files out of the zip before running.

Mac users might have to disable some code signing or verification thing? I'm not exactly sure, I'm not a mac guy. I'll get some specifics soon.

Linux users have to make the file executable, using "chmod +x linux.x86_64". You're running linux, you can probably figure it out.


Standalone Builds

Development log


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This game is really, really fun. I love it, it reminds me a lot of TF2 in many ways, mainly because of it's absolute chaotic gameplay lol

I don't really have any criticism about this fangame, it's really well made.

Although, there are several things I wish that would be added:

1. An item blacklist

Me and a bunch of friends have been playing together, and the one main thing that kills everyone are blue shells, stars, and the giant mushrooms. The blacklists could help balance out the playfield a little bit, and make it not possible to get what essentially is an instant-win button (unless you have opponents who know how to counter shell).

2. More customizable settings for lobbies

Here are a bunch of things I'd like to see if this bullet-point gets considered:

1. Take damage from fireballs

2. Stage loops (enable/disable looping around to the other side of the map when walking toward the edge)

3. Movement Speed / Jump Height

4. Default power-up state (when you spawn, this is what your default power-up would be)

5. length of i-frames / Length of stun (more chaos the better lol)

That's about it from me, thanks for making this fangame, it's very fun!

what code do Mac users need to disable you still haven't told oof


im playing this game again and im still not regreting it 

I wish there was more power up


I tried playing on school chrome book but it says unkown error 500 fix this

Nintendo is going to take this down lol馃拃

ye i forgor馃拃

Nah, Nintendo is not likely to

Nintendo legit takes down all fan games they see, this well be taken down soon or next year idk what you mean not likely they would prob kill if they had to for a fan game taken down


It's saying "Failed to connect, too many players on one IP adress!", even though i was just rapidly changing lobbies. Improve the detection system.

So fun! Remember playing this all the time with my brother


It would be very cool to be able to create your own levels, is it possible?

You can with the Unity editor, no built-in level editor though


Can you please add full screen for web version


Just go to options and click "Fullscreen"


You can't enable fullscreen on the web version

Luckily I have responded. Otherwise the staff would,'t have answered like most times haha


Giving out inaccurate information isn't something I'd call "lucky". And when you say staff, I assume you mean the creator?

Let's be honest, if I hadn't given the wrong information you wouldn't have responded.

so much fun! i used to play this with my friends at school

Is there crossplay between Windows, Mac, and Linux on the downloadable versions?


Yes, all versions can play with each other. The versions you listed can also play with players playing on the web version.



this game is pritey good if you ask me but my spelling isn't good tho

tho is an abreviation so it's fine, you spelled pretty with pritey

I can鈥檛 move on ios

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Mobile devices are currently not supported


oh thank you for telling me that

(1 edit)

I keep getting this (EXPLOITING) message and then i get kicked from any game


What exactly does the message say? just "(EXPLOTING)"?


its all WeeGeePie's fault i can't play

im getting a "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized - 401" error, can anyone help me?

(1 edit)

Are you using a VPN? Are you trying to play with multiple people on the same IP address? Either of these may cause the error to appear

i dont have a VPN downloaded, and nobody's playing on the same IP address as mine (at least to my knowledge)

have you done anything that might get you banned from the game? such as using a modified version of the game?

if not, then you may want to try asking for help on the discord server.

i havent been using a modified version of the game either, ill try to ask for help in the discord

Deleted 9 days ago

You're the guy with the fake ipodtouch0218 accounts and the "gaming channel" account that it supports, right?

(1 edit) (+1)

So is this your thing? You are trying to sell "branding" services by attempting to hijack & impersonating the original dev?

Not gonna lie but that background you made is amateur level, you didn't even attempt to remove the lines from where the screen ended and the right side isn't aligned, it's a few pixels lower. Also you didn't even crop the image. LOL.

can u please update android version 


The android version is not official, you'd need to contact the creator of the mobile version instead of asking here



this game is great!

We should add these power ups to the game: Penguin, raccoon and Gold flower (power up only appears for last place) Yours truly, LiamPlaysMario.

Penguin Suit is just a glorified Ice Flower & Frog Suit combo

can you please add a ghost house map with luigi mansion theme

why does it say ExceptionOnConnect?


hello can you make the LAN mode to play with friends without need internet bc my connection is bad and connection closes, other wise the game is really cool and would like to add history mode or a single player mode

agreed a LAN mode would be amazing

the game doesn't work because when I try to start it says HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized - 401 please can you help m

(1 edit) (+1)

There are various causes for that error. These are:

-If you're trying to use a VPN, as VPNs are banned

-If you're trying to play the game with 3 or more people on the same IP

-If you're banned from the game

If you need any more help, try asking on the discord server.

Question, will this work with a chromebook? Just questioning

Also, you should add more characters but maybe not cuz i like it simple

(1 edit)

yea :)

yes, it does. I play on chromebook and it works perfectly!

Update Ideas:

 New Power Ups: Tanooki and The Penguin Suit. 

New Characters: Waluigi, Wario, and Toad.

New Maps: Bower Castle and UnderWater Map (Ocean Map.)

New Items: The Pipe Cannon


Not gonna lie, it would make me crack a smile if they brought waluigi to the game.


idea: unlockable characters and other things like that for completing missions. this s just a thought but i think itd be awesome

Update idea: New charaters + skins and new stage :)



Hey if you could can you make the game usable for mobile playears?

(1 edit)

the mobile game is fan-made, ask the mobile game dev for that


i have good wifi wtf do you mean

I can't get characters to load on mac. Everything else comes up except the players :( please help

How you make custom colors?

If you want to change your colour, it can be done in the lobby menu.

You can't make custom colours in-game. You can either try to mod new colours into the game yourself, or submit a colour palette on the discord server for a chance of it being added.

loading screen concept


i like this game it feels nastlagic (i know i miss spelled the idc)

how did my friend get here

plz remeber me

Deleted 23 days ago

i do remember the time

do u still use scratch

yes i do

here just in case you cant find it https://scratch.mit.edu/users/bruhman_12/




I got an error when i booted up the web version that said "Unknown Error- 500". What does it mean?


I also get that error on the game.


Do you know what it means?


no i dont know sadly :(


well if you have Discord, then send a message to the devs about this.


They already know, but they need to wait for ipodtouch.

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