What is this game?
A standalone 2-10 player remake of the Mario vs Luigi gamemode from New Super Mario Bros DS. Includes the 5 default levels (Grassland, Bricks, Castle, Pipes, and Ice), along with custom levels: Jungle, Sky, and Volcano! All powerups are implemented and fully faithful to their originals, along with the addition of NSMBWii's Propeller Suit / Ice Flower!

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I can't connect! It says.. MaxCcuReached?

Please note that the multiplayer servers are hosted via a cloud service, which has a 100-user concurrent limit. If you can't connect with this message: "MaxCcuReached", there may be more than 100 users online. Leave a message on the discord or comment here if this happens!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(294 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags2D, Arcade, Fangame, Multiplayer, Side Scroller, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksSource code, Support


Standalone Builds

Install instructions

Make sure to extract all files out of the zip before running.

Mac users might have to disable some code signing or verification thing? I'm not exactly sure, I'm not a mac guy. I'll get some specifics soon.

Linux users have to make the file executable, using "chmod +x linux.x86_64". You're running linux, you can probably figure it out.

Development log


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webgl isn't working, all it says is exceptiononconnect for me.


Me and the boi's ready to face the ice flower army with blue shell power:

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Me when yoshis are added 

One of the best games I have ever played. 10/1

Hey Guys Did You Know That Cubbys Mod Just Got A New Update  https://cubbycrazes.itch.io/mvl-cubbymod 馃憟 Play It Here


i like this game but some times you can notice delay maybe because of browser game but some time the mushroom even after touching the character it still on the screen running then disappears, i like the mario character asset and other charater assets it looks kinda 3d even though they are 2d well made i think

where did u get the sprites or assets of mario actor?


They're 3d models, ripped straight from the game using a program called apicula.

fire ass game       

super good

they should add custom maps like ghost house, rocky mountain from world 6 , and etc

I got several errors including:





Just thought I'd mention those in case any of them are fixable by the dev

i played this game so much on my fire fox or google that now its shows on my front page of google or fire fox


Guys! The weridest thing happened to me. So I was sleeping on the roof, in my oven, while being awake waiting to wake up, but then I heard this really loud queit sound. There was a man in my window! Since I was blind, I saw him right away. Then I smacked him and he instantly died, only until I realized he was still breathing. It was the easter bunny trying to drink my cookies and eat my milk. True story. Stay safe and always remember: Don't sleep on the ceiling, walk your pet fish before it drowns! Have a nice day!

stop the cap

If you're reading this  you should put new characters and give them special abilities

Just Found This Mod Of Mario Vs Luigi By HyperCats If You Want To Play It Play It Here  

Mario vs Luigi

Heres Some New Power Ups

can someone join me :(

add hammer Mario here is the sprites

When you get the big mussroom. I made this in my paint thing


What I Play Mario Vs Luigi On XD

this is the best console ever


it would be the lagest thing ever made

I wouldn't worry. I play on this lol. 

Dora is my childhood

Me when 5 mega marios

This is so cooool!!!

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Please  add full screen to the browser version

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THIS IS AMAZING! I remembered playing this minigame on the DS with my brother, it's crazy someone had GUTS to recreated this masterpiece. 10 Players, Propeller Mushroom and Ice Flower, New Stages, Different Colored Outfits, this is the best remake I have ever seen!  Must've taken a huge, HUGE time to make! You've made a Mario nerd happy. :)

If you ever make a update, would it be nice if the browser version can have a fullscreen option, that would be nice.


the graphics of the game  need to be 4k and second when playing on browser it needs FULLSCREEN


Is This Real Are FAKE Can Some One Let Me Know?


Toxic player: "EZ L"


"Easy Zesty Luigi."


i saw one of the creators in the game

When custom power ups are added


Which is all the time.

also the mega mushroom is not a custom 

yes, it's not custom because mega mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. DS




Who upset the 2 year old?

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bro mad because he lost (also) this game is exactly like the OG

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Even I get more dubs than you LOLOLOL loudre you're CRAP XDXDXD

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Bro's got Windows 98 as his computer with the crappiest Wifi. 

you just have a bad computer. you have bad fps


I Want This In the Game

hey look you are not banned but you're mom is big

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It keeps saying this:

and yes, i downloaded the file.



me when i have a mega mushroom in store >:)

Tom's evil smile

me when i have a star and used it as an shield

This good but where is my boy toad at


Baiting someone to a bottomless pit.

can u make please android version or make new game on theme Mario


when will there be support for full screen?

not avaible on browser,

you have to download the game for that

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